The Studio can be offered with a RED One digital camera, an ARRI 435, 235, Arri III, a digital high speed camera Weisscam HS-2 or a HD-camera as a package or as single items.

With 112 and a delivery in December 2007 Ready2Roll offered the first Red based in Germany)

Cameraequipment for rent

2x RED One digital camera, both fully equipped:

LCD monitor or LCD PRO monitor
RED eyeviewfinder, Element Technica EVF mount
cradle, V-mount quickplate, top handle
CF Card Reader, CF Cards 16GB/8GB
2x 320GB Red Raid, mit shockmount
Element Technica Breakoutbox
19mm Bridge plate

RED Accessories
V-mount batteries 3x 210Wh, 2x 140Wh
charger V-mount, 4-bay
Cine 60, battery blocks 12/24V, mit Red-Lemocable
optional IMS mount
TV Logic, 9" multifomat HD monitor, also for V-mount
digital 2-channel radio link to Red (w. monitor)
AJA HD10MD3 SD-downconverter
Cmotion 3 axis lens control, with RED-start/stop/playback-
shoulder support, side handles
remote start/stop
top handle extension
Nikon front mount
TC I/O cables
Sound I/O cables
CF card reader, Firewire 800
div. 19mm rods, from 60cm to 6cm

Underwatererhousing/Red One, AQUAVIDEO, up to 40m
with 3"-domeport, 4"-domeport, flatport, macroport
(ext. remotecontrol: focus/iris/HD-out/start/stop/playback)

Lenses 35mm PL Mount
10mm T2.1 Zeiss Distagon
14mm T2.1 Zeiss Distagon
18mm T1.3 Zeiss Distagon
25mm T1.3 Zeiss Distagon
35mm T1.3 Zeiss Distagon
50mm T1.3 Zeiss Planar
85mm T1.3 Zeiss Planar
135mm T2.1 Zeiss Planar
280mm T 2.8 Leica Apo-Telyt

16 mm T 2.1 Arri Macro
24 mm T 2.1 Arri Macro
32 mm T 2.1 Arri Macro
40 mm T 2.1 Arri Macro
50 mm T 3.0 Arri Macro
100mm T 3.0 Arri Macro

18-85mm T2.9 RED Zoom PRO
20-60mm T3.1 Cooke-Zoom

Century Teleconverter 2x
Diopter 80mm, 0.5/1/2/3

Lenses 35mm Nikon Mount
(all lenses with Clipgear focus rings)
8mm T4.0 Sigma
15mm T3.5 Nikon
18mm T3.5 Nikon
24mm T2.0 Nikon
35mm T2.0 Nikon
50mm T1.4 Nikon
55mm T2.8 Nikon Micro
85mm T2.0 Nikon
105mm T 2.5 Nikon
180mm T2.8 Nikon

Lenses 16mm PL Mount
(for RED 2K windowed Sensor)
5.5mm T2.0 Optex
8mm T2.1 Zeiss Distagon
9.5mm T1.2 Zeiss HS
12mm T1.2 Zeiss HS
16mm T1.2 Zeiss HS
25mm T1.2 Zeiss HS

SKATER® Scope Snorkel Lens System T 5.6
optional Nikon mount for SKATER Scope
Set of Nikon lenses with 0.8 modul focus gear

Additional Accessories
Follow Focus IV, compl.
Cmotion 3-axis wireless lenscontrol lystem with Cdisplay
3 Heden lens motors, zoom handle, cramp/camcon software
bridge plate BP5
Transvideo onboard monitor Rainbow II 16/9 Superbright

Matteboxes and Filters
Matte Box MB 18, 4"x5.65", 5 mattes, top- and sideflaps
Clip-on mattebox LMB 4a (Zeiss 10mm), 6x6
Clip-on mattebox LMB 15, mit Flag und Masken, 4x5.65
(with adapter for SS, macros, 14mm, Cooke Zoom, Red Zoom)
Clip-on mattebox 4"x4"
Clip-on mattebox 3"x3"

Filter 4x4, clear, ND3/6/9/15, POL, IR Cut Rocso,
Pancro IR-ND6/ IR-ND12, 85, 85 ND 3/6/9
Filter 4x5.65, clear, ND3/6/9/15/20, POL, IR Cut Rocso, Pancro
IR-ND6/ IR-ND12, 80a, 80b, 80c, Grad hor.ND 3/6/9
Filter 6.6x6.6, clear, ND3/6/9/15, POL, IR Cut Rocso,
Pancro IR-ND6/ IR-ND12,

OConnor 2060, camera head
Sachtler Studio 65, camera head
Tripod, long Sachtler, Spreader
Tripod, medium Schulz
Tripod, baby Schulz

Movie Tech Magnum Dolly (hand wheel center lift!)
System low rig
16 Omega precision tracks 2m
1 Set of Bazookas
Offset bowl long and short
Standart Bowl adapter, 3 way leveler Mitchell mount
Baseplate for Dolly with Euromount

SKATER® Mini Camera Dolly
SKATER Tilt Module
with Sidemount for Arri 235 and universal L-Bracket
SKATER Control, Remote Control Unit
SKATER Motor, with Motor Bracket
SKATER Smoothgear module
SKATER Turntable
SKATER programmable Turntable
3 SKATER Mini Levelling Supports with accessories

view the SKATER Mini Trailer / Quicktime

HD Video
TV Logic, 9" multifomat HD monitor, also for V-mount
Sony, 23" Full HD monitoring
Quato 23" Full HD monitoring
8-core Mac Pro, 3TB Raid
AJA I/O Box HD-Multiconverter

Monitor 21" SD Pal Sony PVM 9221
Monitor 14" SD Pal Sony PVM 14N1E
Pioneer Hard Disk SD Pal recorder DVR5100/DVD

35mm Film

Arri III, Cinematography, 3-120fps
4 mags Arri III, 120m
viewfinder extension

Available for rent now!
The SKATER SCOPE - the first compact lens snorkel system

Tilt element can be adjusted from -105° to +105°
Lens block pivots full 360°
Full 360° unlimited optical image rotation
Back focus extends close focus to macro
Superiour image quality, covers S35
T 5.6
Expands creative freedom of the SKATER Mini Dolly
Ideal solution for motion control applications

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